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Data is outliving the platform and hardware it’s stored on. You refresh the technology every three to five years and keep investing good capital on bad data. H. A. Services allows you to only pay for the storage you consume and with multiple tiers. You get the right size storage for the data being saved.

This business model involves a company leasing or renting its storage infrastructure from another company or individuals to store data. H. A. Services implements and maintains your storage infrastructure by mitigating risks in disaster recovery, providing long-term record retention and enhancing business availability and continuity. Cost savings, pay-as-you-go models, and constant software development are just a few of the many advantages of SaaS. By utilizing this service, your company will be mitigating risks in disaster recovery by providing long-term data storage and enhancing business stability.

Our sister company, H. A. Storage Systems, is a specialized value added reseller of data storage and data management products. 

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