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Data outlives the capital investment organizations traditionally make in hardware and software. Refresh cycles, maintenance agreements, compatibility issues, point projects, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, reorganizations, and internal chargebacks are some of the variables you are dealing with while being tied to a rigid internal infrastructure. Leveraging a US-Based Cloud (with SLA’s that guarantee performance and localization of data) enables you and your organization to adapt to the changing landscape of business.

This service model delivers computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis to support enterprise operations and provides hardware, software, servers, data center space, and network components. H. A. Services manages the transformation of physical servers into flexible virtual servers, making sure they are unfailing and reliable. We are the ones responsible for housing, operating, and maintaining the equipment, but you have the ability to start, stop and delete servers on an as-needed or utility computing basis. You pay for what you use. Not a penny more.

FlexPod is built on leading computing, networking, storage, and infrastructure software components. H. A. Services provides an ideal virtualized data center solution with:

  • Validated technologies from industry leaders in computing, storage, networking, and server virtualization
  • One platform built from unified compute, fabric, and storage technologies, with popular and trusted software virtualization
  • Integrated components that help enable you to centrally manage all your infrastructure pools
  • An open design management framework that integrates with your existing third-party infrastructure management solutions

Our sister company, H. A. Storage Systems, is a specialized value added reseller of data storage and data management products. 

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