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Backup & Archive Management

Backup & Archive Management

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Do you know how often your backups fail or how often they overrun? Shouldn’t this be someone else’s responsibility? All you want and need to know is that your backups work and will be ready when you need them. At H. A. Services, we regularly validate the backups for reliability and notify you of the results. We take that burden right off your shoulders.

Your data is valuable and needs to be protected. Online backup is great for automating the disaster recovery process. Instead of manually backing up to tape at the end of every day, the entire process is automated to run in the background. With online backup, you can also back up every few minutes instead of every 24 hours. This minimizes the amount of data you could possibly lose from a disk failure. Online archiving comes into play when you need to start streamlining your servers by moving seldom-used files somewhere else to free up space. H. A. Services sets up archiving policies for your business that will take inactive or older data off of the primary servers and store it in an alternate location, freeing up server resources and shortening recovery times. We dramatically improve the disaster recovery process for your organization by reducing IT costs and enhancing your network’s efficiency and flexibility.

Our sister company, H. A. Storage Systems, is a specialized value added reseller of data storage and data management products. 

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