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SLA’s Matter

SLA’s Matter

In today’s IT world, most Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are written with only the vendor’s interest in mind.  Companies promise 100% (or greater) uptime, and although this marketing effort is nice, when there is a lack of performance, the agreements, and the penalties associated with them, are arbitrary and nominal.  

For example, if you compare a 99.9% monthly SLA to a 99.99% annual SLA, the three 9’s SLA reduces the amount of downtime allowed by 9 minutes.  In this case, three 9’s is better than four.   

H. A. Services believes SLA’s should fit the solution, and the penalties should align with the agreements’ percentage of availability. Service level agreements are a key aspect in leveraging cloud computing. 

Uptime SLA Acceptable Unscheduled Downtime Delta
If Measured Monthly   If Measured Yearly
100.000%     0s       0s 0
99.999%     26s       5m 4m 34s
99.99%     4m       52m 48m
99.9%     43m     8h 46m 8h 3m
99.5%   3h 36m   1d 19h 48m 1d 16h 12m
99.0%   7h 12m   3d 15h 36m 3d 8h 24m
98.0%   14h 24m   7d 7h 12m 6d 19h 52m
95.0% 1d 12h 0m   18d 6h 0m 16d 18h 0m

Every solution that H. A. Services delivers has an associated PAC (Protection & Availability Class) assigned to it. Our solutions have been engineered by starting with the PAC and working back to the hardware and software requirements.  All H. A. Services clients have full visibility into the services their organization is consuming. Nothing is hidden. All KPI’s and Metrics are available on the H. A. Services Dashboard.

Our sister company, H. A. Storage Systems, is a specialized value added reseller of data storage and data management products. 

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