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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Ensuring that your organization’s critical functions are available to customers, suppliers, and partners is something you can’t take lightly. What would you do if a server fails or your employees can’t get into the office?

Business Continuity by the Numbers:

  • 90% of businesses that suffer data loss from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.
  • The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%.
  • Only 44% of businesses successfully recovered information after a recent data recovery event.
  • 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster.

H. A. Services recognizes this top priority by ensuring business continuity is aligned with the value of your business applications. For example, there is no value to multi-site geographical replication for an application that users can do without for a few days. Your best approach is to focus on the applications that drive revenue or are difficult to recover. H. A. Services helps you reduce operating costs and the risk of disruption and information loss, administer practical business continuity and IT recovery solutions, reduce hardware costs through increased server and storage utilization, deduplication, and storage tiering, and set up a fixed strategy to support the management of business interruptions.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a significant issue for many businesses today. Would you know what to do if an unplanned outage occurred? With so much data at stake, you need to have a plan in place, and H. A. Services works with you to lay down the foundation so money, work productivity, and time are not jeopardized. By maintaining and protecting critical business applications with customized services, recovery strategies meet individual disaster recovery needs.

Our sister company, H. A. Storage Systems, is a specialized value added reseller of data storage and data management products. 

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